Name – Oliver

Breed – Norwitch Terrier

Color – Brown & Black

Potty Trained – Yes

Children – Yes

Other Animals or Pets – Loves to play

DOB – 2/2/2015


Story – Oliver is a yorkie or silkie mix, who is less than 10 pounds at about a year old. Oliver is a sweet and snuggly boy who also loves to play. He needs someone who can give him the rules, training, and exercise that any young terrier needs. He is doing good with house training (not 100%), and crate training but he is a lot of fun. He loves his foster dad, and always follows him around, and howls when he leaves (which I admit is actually cute) and likes to sit on his lap and cuddle with him in bed. He is amazing in a car, we joke that he should be adopted by a long haul trucker because he is perfect in a vehicle. Lays down and is just quiet and great. He is a little more vocal than most dogs (talks when he plays which having ADHD can be annoying but probably won’t be a problem for most people). He probably would be best in a home without small children, because of his playful manner and quirks (like not loving his tail pulled). He LOVES to play with other dogs, although, he also likes to hump them which not all dogs would tolerate. He lives with dogs and cats and other than their finding his playful antics a bit annoying, all is well. He is neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines.


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