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    Jul 06

    Humane Drum Answers Doc’s Urgent Need for Help

      Click here to read the full story and updates about Doc’s progress.  

    Apr 06

    Merlin: A Destiny Worse Than Death

    Some destinies are worst than death… For months, he wandered around the empty fields and roads, trying to find something to eat and drink while his body crumbled. With every passing day, Merlin´s condition worsened, most of his hair fell off, his skin thickened and oozed with infection. His eyes got infected, soon he started … Continue reading “Merlin: A Destiny Worse Than Death”

    Mar 30

    AVA: Hit with a wooden bar and left to rot alive for TWO YEARS!!!

    We received a telephone call a couple of days ago… a woman wanted someone to do something for her neighbour’s dog. She was horrified and she was begging for help.   We asked her to send us a picture and she sent us THIS!!!   We couldn´t believe our eyes. At first we couldn´t really … Continue reading “AVA: Hit with a wooden bar and left to rot alive for TWO YEARS!!!”