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    Sep 25

    How to Plan a Safe, Fun Halloween for Your Dog

      With Halloween right around the corner, it’s estimated that over half of all Americans will celebrate the popular holiday this year. Many of them will spend months planning in advance. Although Halloween is a fun night for children and adults, it can be scary and confusing time for our pets. With some extra love … Continue reading “How to Plan a Safe, Fun Halloween for Your Dog”

    Aug 28

    Moving Day with Man’s Best Friend

    “Moving day is a blast!” said no one ever. If your dog could talk, he’d be with you on this!   As you work hard to have all your ducks in a row for the big day, keep in mind that your dog doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. The move can be traumatic … Continue reading “Moving Day with Man’s Best Friend”

    Aug 25

    Pet Obesity

    Pet Obesity is the #1 health problem veterinarians see for cats and dogs.  Research conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) states that most pet owners are not aware of the problem and are unable to identify an obese dog or cat.  The most concerning problem with pet obesity is that it can … Continue reading “Pet Obesity”

    Aug 02
    How to Prevent Animal Cruelty and Neglect

    How to Prevent Animal Cruelty and Neglect

    The key to preventing neglect is education. Many homeowners simply are not aware of how vital love is to a pet. The key to preventing abuse is stronger anti-cruelty laws — laws that empower effective social control and embrace harsh penalties. Serious penalties will inhibit cruelty and, with the addition of subject matter as a penalty, will stop the incidents from being continual by offenders.   You can stop these cruel acts by informing others what … Continue reading “How to Prevent Animal Cruelty and Neglect”

    Jul 08

    Donation of more than1000 bowls of dog, cat, puppy and rabbit food

    Humane Drum was able to help with the recent increase in animals arriving at our local shelter due to the fourth of July celebration.  We donated over 1000 bowls of dog, cat, puppy and rabbit food to feed the displaced animals while they wait for their humans.  We hope that all of the displaced animals … Continue reading “Donation of more than1000 bowls of dog, cat, puppy and rabbit food”

    Jul 08


    I had just moved into an apartment and decided my dog, Nyx, who was used to having free-reign of my parents yard, the neighbors yards and doggie friends to play with, just looked completely bored all the time. I took her to the apartment’s dog park, but she didn’t really make friends there, and I … Continue reading “Persistence”

    Jun 29

    Rehoming Shelby

    One day at the dog park there was a beautiful husky mix running around and chasing after everyone.  I suddenly found myself alone with the owner who, after a brief conversation, confessed her family wasn’t taking very good care of the dog anymore. My puppy Frida and “Toby” had become friends and were playing nicely … Continue reading “Rehoming Shelby”

    Jun 16

    Meet Doc…….

    Meet Doc….     Doc is a 21 year old horse that was rescued by Safe Haven Horse Rescue in Anderson Ca.  Doc was found extremely emaciated and malnourished.  A horse should weigh in at approximately 1200lbs and Doc weighed in at only 440lbs.   A Craigslist post is what saved Doc, not because Doc … Continue reading “Meet Doc…….”

    Jun 10

    Pets and Fireworks

    The Fourth of July is just around the corner and with all the fun and festivities approaching, we also have to remember that this holiday can be a stressful time for your pets. This holiday has the highest amount of run away and missing animal cases than any other day of the year. Here are … Continue reading “Pets and Fireworks”

    Jun 03

    The “Jij” or Luella With Her Tote Tails Tote

    Order your Tote Tails Tote today and all proceeds go toward feeding, protecting and caring for animals. https://humanedrum.org/store/tote-tails/