• “Until Every Cage is Empty” Necklace or Key Ring

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    This is the perfect necklace or key ring for all those people who work so hard to rescue the animals who cannot speak for themselves, work for animal rights, and truly work until every cage is empty.
    This is a 1-1/4 inch aluminum disc hand stamped with “Until Every Cage Is Empty” on it with a Tibetan silver paw charm hanging to the side.  It comes on an 18 or 20 inch stainless steel chain which will never tarnish.  A key ring option is also available.
    Please note that these are all individually hand stamped at the time of order and no 2 necklaces will be exactly the same.  This adds to the beauty and character of having a handmade piece.
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    “Until Every Cage is Empty” comes in your choice of necklace or key ring.  Each purchase helps animals in need, we invite you to order yours today and help to empty every cage!IMG_4901 (1)