Meet Doc….



Doc is a 21 year old horse that was rescued by Safe Haven Horse Rescue in Anderson Ca.  Doc was found extremely emaciated and malnourished.  A horse should weigh in at approximately 1200lbs and Doc weighed in at only 440lbs.


A Craigslist post is what saved Doc, not because Doc was the subject of the post but because someone with a terrific heart had the willingness to get involved and do the right thing.


IMG_20160528_115832620[1]A beautiful horse was listed on Craigslist for sale, so a potential buyer called and made arrangements to visit the property and possibly purchase the horse.


Upon their arrival they were shown the horse for sale and a short distance away was Doc in a small enclosure, emaciated.  The potential buyer said thank you, deciding against the purchase of the horse for sale and left.


The potential buyer, sick and saddened by what they had just witnessed called Safe Haven Horse Rescue and described the situation and explained how they had found the Craigslist ad.  Safe Haven, called the seller and made arrangements to visit the horse for sale.


When Safe Haven Horse Rescue arrived for their scheduled meeting they were prepared, horse trailer in tow and all the gear necessary to remove BOTH horses.


Doc and the beautiful horse were removed that day and have been in the loving, caring hands of Safe Haven Horse Rescue ever since.



Doc has been on a special diet to increase his weight gently and without incident.  Humane Drum Foundation went to visit Doc on May 28th and was saddened by Doc’s condition although very pleased to meet the volunteers caring for Doc.  Safe Haven Horse Rescue is a highly trained facility to accommodate such cases as Docs.  We at Humane Drum found the volunteers to be knowledgeable and great human beings with tremendous hearts.


During our visit we discussed with Safe Haven how Humane Drum could help and the answer was money.  Money is needed for vet visits, special grains, food and for up keep of their facilities and land.


So Humane Drum went to work and has determined that a grant for Safe Haven would be something we could help with.  Meanwhile, we raised enough money to pay for a visit from the vet or a portion of the monthly bills incurred by Safe Haven.


Humane Drum will visit Safe Haven Horse Rescue again soon to see how Doc is doing and deliver the donation we have raised.  We will continue to monitor Docs progress and share with you the good work that kind humans do in such dire situations.


Your donation will help feed and care for Doc.  Doc needs regular vet visits and requires special dietary needs until healthy once again.


Donate at with our thanks, and Doc’s!


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