Humane Drum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing aid to domestic animals in urgent need through financial and product donations.


We are launching our website and need a boost to begin donating to cases and to prove a commitment to our belief that every animal deserves to be treated with care and kindness.


With your donation we will begin our journey by focusing our attention on animal welfare and cruelty.  We collaborate with local shelters to save animals from abusive situations and to help rehabilitate them. Through hard work and education, we mean to truly make a difference and be the voice for the voiceless.


HELP US to be the advocate that will be a part of a bigger picture of bringing health and wellness to the shadows and darkness that surrounds these neglected and often tortured animals where all they do is bring joy and  comfort. All they ask in return is love, food and shelter.


With your donation we promise to:


·Advocate for responsible and sustainable relationships between animals and humans.
·Educate abuse prevention by encouraging individuals around the world to follow responsible pet ownership.  Not everyone is equipped to properly care for an animal.
We have to remember that these animals are a living being and not to be treated as possessions that are there for our enjoyment at our convenience.
· We use donations to pay for regular healthcare, walks, playing and close interaction of shelter and foster animals that are being protected from an abusive situation or have been abandoned.
·Often times, due to life circumstances people may find themselves in a place with animals they can’t properly care for, we hope to bring those animals to others who will care and love them.
·We donate to spay and neuter to assist with controlling the domestic animal population and to reduce homeless dogs and cats.


Our Mission

Is to work with everyone, be it people or organizations, to bring about the change at a core level of thinking to achieve our mission as described.  We shall achieve this through advocacy, fundraising, education and kindness.


WE WILL look for solutions to eradicate ignorance and abuse when it comes to animals and encourage those who are of like minds.


WE WILL spread the word and continue the saturation information to allow everyone to bring out the good and kindness in their hearts and make the world a better place for everyone.


WE WILL bring help to those in need in form of access to spay and neutering, general veterinary care and information to prevent disease and illness.


Lisa’s Story

My life was forever changed in the year 2011; I received news that my best friend, my confidant my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In those moments of pain and heartache, my rescue dog, Luella was there for me.  She gave me love, affection and a happy tail wagging.  I realized during these times of heartache, pain, sickness, and loneliness my dog was always there for me.  She was returning the love and care that I have given to her all these years.


This made me think about the animals that don’t have a human to love them, pay for their medical bills or keep them safe. It was then when I had the vision to begin beating the Humane Drum; a call out to the world, to attract others that want to do more for animals in need and to provide help for animals that have no one to help them.


In my life, I noticed that Luella knew when I wasn’t in a happy place and she came even closer to me.  Engaged me to play and even get naughty and in trouble, I now reflect back, possibly to get my mind off of what saddened me.


It is a well know fact that pet companions have made an enormous and immeasurable difference in the life’s of people with pains and disabilities as well as returning soldiers with physical injuries and physiological damage from conflicts like PTS.  They find bombs for us, discover narcotics and assist law enforcement as well as people like me. The least we can do is work together to provide them with food, medical care and protection from abuse.




We need financial support in order to help provide for the medical needs of animals who are victims of animal cruelty and neglect.


Together we can help heal animals that are suffering.  Your donation will go to work instantly to help fund medical costs of those that require immediate medical attention and help make a life- changing difference for animals across the country.


Your donation can help provide lifesaving surgery for an animal in need, perhaps help feed an abandoned or surrendered pet, provide shelter for animals that are in need of a forever home and very importantly, fund the training and support to those in the march against animal neglect.


Everyone at Humane Drum would like to thank you for your contribution in our mission to provide the care that these animals deserve.



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