For Pet Lovers a dog can be lot more than a loving companion, but its ownership demands a lot hard work. Adopting a dog is a big decision as training and caring of pup requires time and money.
There are several important questions that you need to ask yourself before you adopt a dog. The following tips will help you from choosing the right dog to developing a harmonious relationship with your new family member. This advice will help you kick start a happy relationship from day one!

    • Before you adopt make sure the entire family is on board: Consider and decide who is going to take care of the pet including walking, feeding, taking him to vet, etc. Make sure that everyone in the house is ready for pet adoption as dogs are smart animals and they will know and sense the resentment.


    • Consider how well you can schedule a dog into your life: A dog will count on you to come home for walks and play. You need to have a routine and be reliable. If you often make excuses and are not a reliable manager of time and life then a dog might not be a good option.


    • Check out how dog friendly your neighborhood is: How are the dogs that live close to your house? Is there a park or hiking trails nearby? Where’s the nearest vet and 24-hour emergency? Do you have healthy relationships with your neighbors? How social are your neighbors’ dogs? Growing up in the right neighborhood can make all the difference. If your neighborhood doesn’t offer socialization opportunities, you may need to invest in doggie daycare and playgroups to ensure your dog is well socialized around other dogs and people.


    • Choose a dog that has same or lower energy level then your own: Never adopt a dog with higher energy level. Consider their age and your own. Confirm you can take care of the dog once he’s been out of the crate for a few time and has had a walk. Take him out and see how he behaves. A dog in a crate will not make you realize the truth of their natural energy.


    • Consider Fostering a Dog First: If you’re unsure of whether or not the new dog you’ve chosen is acceptable for your family and lifestyle, consider fostering before you make a commitment. Fostering is a wonderful act of kindness, saves lives and helps you decide if your family can properly take care of a dog. If you have a cat, fostering may be a good way to check if the cat will ever accept a dog in the family.


    • Consider Senior Dogs: Senior dogs are in the need of home as badly as adorable puppies. Though they are not usually suited for homes with young children they are great companions for homes that are comparatively less active. Senior dogs need less exercise and more health care, but the love and affection they give in return is extremely rewarding!


    • Don’t be emotional when choosing a dog: Visiting a shelter can be devastating and sad. Don’t let your emotions control your decision as you may end with a dog that is not suitable for you and your family. This does the dog no favors as he will soon find himself back in the shelter. Being methodical and aware now will save you from struggle and heartache later.


    • Enjoy the process of Adopting a Dog: Dogs are human’s best friend. Balanced dogs bring so much love, joy, peace and happiness for us. So get started now and look forward to a lifetime of joy and happiness with your new friend.


Make the best decisions possible and adopting a dog when you are ready and understand the responsibility because when you give up on your dog and the bond breaks, everyone involved suffers. Check out the rest of Humane Drum for more tips and resources.

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