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    Jun 29

    Rehoming Shelby

    One day at the dog park there was a beautiful husky mix running around and chasing after everyone.  I suddenly found myself alone with the owner who, after a brief conversation, confessed her family wasn’t taking very good care of the dog anymore. My puppy Frida and “Toby” had become friends and were playing nicely … Continue reading “Rehoming Shelby”

    Jun 16

    Meet Doc…….

    Meet Doc….     Doc is a 21 year old horse that was rescued by Safe Haven Horse Rescue in Anderson Ca.  Doc was found extremely emaciated and malnourished.  A horse should weigh in at approximately 1200lbs and Doc weighed in at only 440lbs.   A Craigslist post is what saved Doc, not because Doc … Continue reading “Meet Doc…….”

    Jun 10

    Pets and Fireworks

    The Fourth of July is just around the corner and with all the fun and festivities approaching, we also have to remember that this holiday can be a stressful time for your pets. This holiday has the highest amount of run away and missing animal cases than any other day of the year. Here are … Continue reading “Pets and Fireworks”

    Jun 03

    The “Jij” or Luella With Her Tote Tails Tote

    Order your Tote Tails Tote today and all proceeds go toward feeding, protecting and caring for animals. https://humanedrum.org/store/tote-tails/  

    Jun 02

    Frida’s Adoption Story

    A lot of people think a rescue means that the dog was abused in its first home. I now know this is not always the case. Sometimes the rescuer IS also the previous owner.   I had been considering a dog for a while. For the past 16 years my husband, Chris, and I enjoyed … Continue reading “Frida’s Adoption Story”

    May 31

    Important Tips to Consider Before You Adopt a Dog

    For Pet Lovers a dog can be lot more than a loving companion, but its ownership demands a lot hard work. Adopting a dog is a big decision as training and caring of pup requires time and money. There are several important questions that you need to ask yourself before you adopt a dog. The … Continue reading “Important Tips to Consider Before You Adopt a Dog”

    May 22

    Pet Safety Tips for Children

      Pet Safety Tips for Children Adding a new pet to your family is an exciting time, especially for children! During this time of joy and excitement you should also remember that you are introducing your new pet into an unfamiliar environment, which can be scary and sometimes stressful for your new furry family member. … Continue reading “Pet Safety Tips for Children”

    May 20

    10 Times Your Dog Said I Love You & You Totally Missed It


    May 20

    9 Dog Breeds Who Are Begging For Your Cuddle Time

    9 Dog Breeds Who Are Begging For Your Cuddle Time  

    May 17

    Spay and Neutering Facts….be a part of the solution!

    Spay and Neuter your Pets  Every year 6 to 8 million animals are placed into a shelter; only half of those animals find their forever home. The other 3 to 4 million animals are prematurely euthanized. That’s right; 3 million healthy adoptable pets are euthanized every year. These animals come from a variety of backgrounds … Continue reading “Spay and Neutering Facts….be a part of the solution!”